Melody Furaha was born in the RePublic Democratic of Congo In a small Catholic family. It was during her first communion when she left the Catholic Church to join her sibling in the Protestant church (The Rock church). During her time at (The Rock Church) she joined the Sunday school where she danced, she had a passion for singing but in that time she was so small to join the big worship team. She remained in the Sunday school as a dancer and also doing street ministry preaching.

Few years later The Rock Church will have an extension in (Mbeseke) where few singers of the Sunday school had to go and become worship leaders, she was part of the chosen singers. Later on she will then become a founder of a band (Emmanuel Music) the group was really successful and this was where she found out that she had the gift of singing. She also spend most of her time in the studio as a backing vocalist, this was a good opportunity for her to improve in her singing and meet different musicians. Few years later she would leave The Democratic Republic Of Congo for Brazzaville due to political conflict in the country.

It was in Brazzaville that she had a full understanding of the impact her ministry, prior to this she only took singing as fun however in Brazzaville things were becoming clear. Life wasn’t easy in Brazzaville, church was the only support she had, music was the only thing that kept her going and gave her the strength to believe that no matter where she was and what she was going through one day she would be fine, this gave her the strength to she continued serving God.

July 2007 she left Brazzaville for Australia, few month later she joined the Calvary Church Worship Team. In 2013 she flew to France to record her first EP (I Will Praise You Lord) with the participation of her siblings this Ep was an open door for her and a blessing for the body of Christ . Her songs are a testimony of the wonders of God and of the countless times he has delivered and set her free.

Melody Furaha is a songwriter, worship leader and a recording artist. She is a key member of the Evangelical Mission of Salvation. She has seen the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in her ministry during several crusades, conferences and conventions.